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One of North America’s Longest Alpine Mountain Coasters

Copper Mountain has unveiled one of the longest alpine mountain coasters in North America. Rocky Mountain Coaster, a new multi-million-dollar ride, will have a 5,800-foot track and a total descent of 430 feet. Copper will run this new mountain coaster during both the summer and winter season. Located on the west side of the America Flyer lift, the Rocky Mountain Coaster is Copper’s most exciting attraction.

Coast Down Copper Mountain

Alpine Coasters are a special way to enjoy the mountains. Made for thrill seekers of all ages, Rocky Mountain Coaster adds a new element to the summer and winter activities at Copper Mountain. Crews have been busy laying down the track and it won’t be long before visitors will be coasting down Copper Mountain.

America's Best Mountain Coaster

Rocky Mountain Coaster was created by the Aquatic Development Group. It features an average 11 percent downhill grade and carts to reach a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour. Manual hand brakes to give you the ability to adjust your speed. We're very excited to enjoy this modern mountain coaster.

Guests need to be at least 9 years old and 52 inches tall to ride the coaster alone. Children at least 36 inches tall may ride and between the ages of 3 and 8 may ride as a passenger with someone 16 or older. A single solo ride is $25, and Four rides for $70. Discounts for booking in advance online, $20 single ride, $60 four rides.

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